In the spirit of challenging the paradigm in which no body is ever good enough, All Bodies Rise Yoga offers opportunity to reconsider personal and social myths about beauty, and redefine narratives about our bodies. 

ABRY offers trauma-informed workshops that incorporate yoga, mental wellness, and social justice, as well as inclusive yoga classes, modules for yoga teacher trainings, personal development mentorships, and mentorships for teachers who would like to offer ABRY recognized classes.

In a culture that profits from self-doubt, one of the most radical ways to take back your power is love yourself.

We are beautiful beyond vision, powerful beyond measure. The healing of our wounds seen and unseen creates space for healing in those around us, even as they fear the pain of recognizing their own hurt, even as they deny ours. Our strength is in our commitment to one another and it frightens those who benefit from keeping us apart. Easier to say than to live, but that too is our struggle.
— Joy Soler