ABRY is dedicated to supporting anti-oppression movements and often uses yoga spaces as a way to raise money, educate students about issues, and offer a place for our community to organize. ABRY teachers also dedicate at least one class, or the proceeds of a class, to an anti-oppression organization at least once a year. 

The Southern Arizona Center Against Sexual Assault (SACASA) provides crisis servicesadvocacysupporttherapy and education for individuals and families impacted by sexual trauma.  SACASA provides a safe place for survivors to heal, gain strength, learn coping skills, and develop trusting, caring relationships.

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In response to the February 16, 2017 police violence against protesters at the LUPE Tucson rally, including pepper-spraying elderly women and children, as well as the arrests of four innocent people now facing invented charges, All Bodies Rise Yoga and Yoga Oasis hosted a fundraiser yoga class to help alleviate some of these legal fees. Visit LUPE Tucson on Facebook to stay informed about direct community activism.


On 1/31/17, All Bodies Rise organized a rally in response to Trump's executive orders banning refugees and stopping people from seven countries from entering the U.S. It is estimated that 1,200 of you came out that day and lined both sides of Congress to show community support for refugees and immigrants.  You can view photos of the event at  Arizona Daily Star.

The Pantry, located in front of Fortín de las Flores (102 E 31st, Tucson), is accessible 24/7/365 and provides free feminine hygiene products and other essential toiletries to anyone in need. Items stocked in The Pantry are provided through YOUR donations as well as from various fundraiser and by donation classes in Tucson. The Pantry is Cori Nicole's ABRY social justice project, and is maintained by members of All Bodies Rise Yoga. Go to www.gofundme.com/the-pantry-tucson to help us continue helping economically vulnerable people in Tucson. 


In December, 2016, ABRY and Grounded Wellness raised funds for The Karam Foundation, who works with a group of local NGO's to provide emergency aid to the people of Eastern Aleppo. The aid provided is intended to address their immediate needs- including base necessities such as food, heating supplies and shelter. You can donate directly here:

On Monday, December 5th, 2016, All Bodies Rise Yoga and Yoga Oasis raised $263 for No More Deaths.  No More Deaths is a volunteer-led solidarity organization that provides direct aid on the U.S. - Mexico border. They are currently in desperate need of funding, especially in an increasingly racists and militarized political climate. Visit www.nomoredealths.org if you would like to get involved, or become a long term donor. 

In October, 2016, ABRY's Emma Bell donated the proceeds of two classes to support the indigenous-led resistance at Standing Rock, to stop the Dakota Access Pipeline! Standing Rock Sioux Tribe has been providing a multitude of support services for the thousands of people who "put people and planet first". To donate directly, visit: https://www.crowdrise.com/official-support-for-standing-rock-sioux-tribe-against-dapl/fundraiser/standing-rock-sioux-tribe

Youth On Their Own is a Tucson-based organization  that strives to eliminate the barriers to education and empower homeless youth to stay in school.  Ashley Gee is passionate about helping youth and donated the revenue from TWO of her classes towards YOTO this year.  

ABRY and Yoga Oasis raised funds for the Southern Arizona AIDS Foundation, a local organization whose mission is to cultivate a healthy & stigma-free society through transformative action. Thank you for helping create more love in the wake of the recent Orlando tragedy.

All Bodies Rise Yoga donated the revenue from LoveYoBody yoga classes during the month of November , 2015, for Mariposas Sin Fronteras, a Tucson-based organization that supports LBGTQ migrants being held in detention centers.  LGBTQ migrants are at the crossroads of racist and anti-migrant and trans/homophobic attitudes and legislation. LBGTQ people suffer epidemic levels of sexual, verbal, physical and psychological violence in migratory detention in Arizona. Many detained community members do not have any outside support. 

For more information or to donate, visit this link: